Hold the Mirror up to nature いまアートの鏡が真実を映す。


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Florian Claar

Florian Claar is a German artist, born 1968 in Stuttgart. He studied stage-design, media-art and sculpture at the Stuttgart National University of Fine Arts. Moving to Japan in 1994 he has taught media-art, installation and sculpture at Musashino Art University and Tama Art University . From 2002 to 2006 he taught full-time as assistant-professor for video art and sculpture at California State University Long Beach in California/USA, where he lived for several years. He as given guest-lectures at various universities and art-institutions around the world. His work ranges from stage-like installations and film-projects to land-art installations and large scale public-art pieces. Mayor public-art commissions are at the Kanazawa Museum of the 21th Century (2004), Tokyo Midtown (2006), Morioka Cultural Center (2005), Daan Park Taipei (2010), Hangzhou Grand Canal Project (China / 2011), Nagoya Mode Gakuen (2008), Benesse Building Tama (2014), Taoyuan International Airport (Taiwan / 2014). His exhibition projects include the 2001 Yokohama Triennial, ”Solaris” Artium Fukuoka (2001), ”Recent Excavations" Röntgen Kunstraum (2002) “Solaris - Second Chamber” Weißfeld (Tokyo / 2006), Kobe Biennale (2007), “The Micro-cosmos of Florian Claar” Aomori Museum of Art (2007), “The Vessel-Project Part I - The Flying Dutchman (Yokohama / 2008), “The Vessel-Project Part III - Nostromo (2008), The Vessel-Project Part II - Fafnir at Art Line Project Tamagawa (2008) “The Vessel-Project Part V - Frankenstein und Mahler (OAG House Tokyo / 2010),“The Vessel-Project Part IV - Molly Aida (Hualien, Taiwan / 2011)"

2階 THE MIRROR作品について/清水敏男

作家名: フロリアン・クラール
THE MIRRORの建築に触発された作品。1930年に建てられた建物のなかに、もう一つの建物をつくる。それは電子的記号のなかの非現実の建物だ。鑑賞者はその建物のなかを逍遥する。前に進むにつれ見える前方の光景と、自分では見えない背中がわの光景が一挙に映し出される。実はこの映像のバックグラウンドには、音楽がある。フロリアン・クラールは空間に流れる音楽を聞きながらこの作品を制作した。鑑賞者はしかしその音楽を聴くことはできない。バーチャルな映像からその音楽を想像するのである。

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Schläfst Du, Hagen? (2011) Mixed Media, 4.2m x3.2m x 0.8m

Florian Claar PR Photos 7

The Yamanote Ring – Rheingold (2007- 2014) C-Prints, 600 mm x 300 mm

Florian Claar PR Photos 6

The Fiend Part II (2013) Installation, Mixed Media

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The Fiend Part I (2010) Installation, Mixed Media

Florian Claar PR Photos 4

Ulisse – Part 2 of 7 (2006) Mixed Media, 3.2m x 3.2m x 12.0m (Kobe Biennale Version)

Florian Claar PR Photos 3

Berg No.1-9 (2001-2011) Mixed Media, Various Sizes (from 120 x 120mm up to 3.6m x 5.2m)

Florian Claar PR Photos 2

Second Chambers (2006) Wood, Video-projectors, 3.8m x 3.2m x 1.85m

Florian Claar PR Photos 1

The Vessel Project Part I – The Flying Dutchman (2008) Wood, 38.0m x 4.0m x 4.0m